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Expert Health Consultations & Natural Herbal Supplements

Improve your health and wellness with good nutrition and ergonomic awareness. At Yoga Central Studio in Mason City, Iowa, we offer expert health consultations, herbal supplements, and a range of services to help you stay healthy in mind and body.

Herbs, Vitamins, & Minerals

Give your body the nutrients it needs to flourish. We offer a variety of beneficial herbs, vitamins, and minerals to boost your immune system or improve your performance. Our skilled natural health professionals help you find the right supplements for your body, whether you're struggling with cancer or trying to increase your endurance as a runner. All our nutritional products are individually packaged and are of very high quality.

Vitamins - Health Consultations

Meditating - Health Consultations

Health Consultations

Your mind, body, and spirit are all interrelated, and overall wellness requires looking at the big picture. We take a holistic approach that incorporates yoga, therapeutics, and meditation to treat everything from shin splints to back problems. Your treatment may include:

• Yoga Therapy
• Meditation
• Ergonomics
• Essential Oils
• Vitamins
• Minerals
• Body Work
• Aromatherapy
• Homeopathic Herbs


Applied Kinesiology

Applied kinesiology consultations are also available, to identify your body's strengths and weaknesses. We tailor a health plan for your specific needs, helping you always feel you best.


Stay healthy all day long by being aware of your movements and posture. Ergonomics is the study of everyday movements, and helps you overcome a variety of health issues. We come up with an individual treatment plan to strengthen your body and build practical awareness. In order to develop this plan we look at:

• Your Posture • How You Sit

• What Your Job Involves

• How Many Breaks You Take

Contact us to improve your overall wellness with holistic health services.